Kathu Biz interviews Zander Kruger, Owner and Managing Director of Flower Lane Guest House

Zander Kruger, Owner and Managing Director of Flower Lane Guest House in Kathu

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.
A: I am Friendly, Patient, Kind, a good listener, always trying to give good advise especially when teaching in Gardening/Landscaping, Flower arranging and Event Management. I am always trying to be professional in everything I do.

Q: At what stage in your life did you decide to get into business?
A: My Dad is a Lawyer, and a Farmer and my Mother had her own Clothing Boutique. At a very young age, I knew that one day I would have my own business and run my own company. I decided to start my own Landscaping Company in 2007.

I moved to Kathu Northern Cape in 2013, and after a 6-year Landscaping Project (Dingleton Resettlement Project now Siyathemba), I started my Flower Shop, and in March 2021, I started my own Guesthouse. I had a house for rent, but when Lockdown Level 1 started and my renters moved out on 1 March 2020, I had no more income. I had to make new plans.

Man at work, Owner and Manager of Flower Lane Guest House, Zander Kruger

Q: What sets your business apart from other businesses in your industry?
A: What sets my business apart is that I work on a highly professional level with all my clients. We serve to be great and perfect in everything we do. We try to give our clients the best professional service that they can expect and deserve.

Q: What has been your driving force as an entrepreneur?
A: I guess that it started within me to have this big driving force to become an Entrepreneur when I saw many people struggling in their lives. Nothing comes easily on our paths and everything happens with a reason.

It just came up in my mind to have my own business to create jobs for people and help some financially along the way with their struggles. I would say that is the main reason. Not only for myself to live a better life but to make a change in other people’s lives and to be the difference, to help those who can not help themselves.

Q: How did you come up with the name for your company? How easy or difficult was it?
A: This is an interesting question. It was not too easy to come up with the Names of my Businesses, but also keeping in mind that it was not that difficult. To be honest, I prayed about the Names of the Businesses. Green Meadows Landscaping came to me through a Scripture in the Bible and a vision that God has given me. Flower Lane Guesthouse came from Flower Lane Florist that I already had. The Name Flower Lane came from a very good friend (Aunt) that I know in Kathu and she helped me out with a few Weddings and Functions, Floral Bouquets. The name just grew from there, so it is now Flower Lane Guesthouse, Flower Lane Café and The Flower Lane Florist.

Q: What kind of culture exists in your organisation, and how did you establish it?
A: A culture of Excellence and Professionalism exists in my organisation. I set the boundaries. I set the standard and rules of my Businesses. I cultivated it in the following manner: we have a small meeting each Monday. We read the Bible, God’s Word, pray about the week and then start. That in itself sets a higher standard of doing business.

Q: What does your business do? What products or services do you offer?
A: Landscaping: I do erf/garden consultations, meet with Architects/Builders alike, meet the homeowners or owners of the specific building to be Landscaped, Take measurements, work out garden quotes, do Design Drawings (2D and 3D), when quote is accepted, we do Layouts and Installations. Residential Houses or Commercial Property like Schools, Hospitals, Colleges or Universities. No Garden is too big or too small.

The Florist: We do Flower decorations for any Party, or Function, or Weddings and Funeral Flower Bouquets with real Flowers. Have meetings with Clients and do designs and brainstorm for that specific Look or atmosphere to be created. We do privates for Residential or Commercially for Hotels etc.

FLOWER LANE GUESTHOUSE: We offer overnight Bedrooms with Ensuite Bathrooms… own private Entrance/Exit for each room. Room Service, clean and safe spaces… each room has DSTV, WiFi, a Microwave, Small Fridge, Coffee/Tea Station, rusks each morning, cleaners clean the rooms and bathrooms each day. There are handwash soap and Hand cream at the basin of each Bathroom. Fresh Towels are provided each day.

Breakfast, Lunch or Supper can be pre-ordered. We do any food, speciality orders like Vegan, Vegetarian, Diets, Hallal, etc. We only want to give our Guests the best treatment that they deserve.

FLOWER LANE CAFÉ: An exclusive Coffee Shop at the back of the house. Safe, Tranquil space to rest and unwind. Serving small meals but special treats on Tarts, Cakes, interesting Coffees, Teas, etcetera.
We also do Baby Showers; Birthdays for Adults; Corporate Meetings/Functions and Bridal Showers.

Mainly for corporate meetings but also for Courses to be held by Companies.

Q: How has been an entrepreneur affected your life?
A: The concept changed my whole mindset as to where I used to work for a Boss, making them very rich, you put in all the effort and not getting paid what you are really worth, to where I am now recruiting people and paying them salaries to work for me, in the same sentence I also love to bless my people and to motivate them to become a better person than before—pushing them to the next level in a good way.

Q: Would you change anything in terms of your journey in business?
A: No, I wouldn’t. If I did not go through all the hardship as I have in the past, I would not have become the person I am today. I am thankful and grateful for the path the Lord has set out in front of me.

Q: How do you manage the balance of being an entrepreneur?
A: I manage the balance of being an Entrepreneur by scheduling my Days and Weeks. I love order and like to know according to keeping a diary of what is happening next.

Q: What motivates you every day?
The fact that I can make a difference in someone else’s life or be that change of encouragement or shine a light in the darkness… motivates me to keep on.
Most of all to help others and to teach them to become more than they expected.

Q: What is your vision in business? What is your mission?
A: To create local opportunities, growth and impact in all communities and countries around the world.

Mission: To empower every person and every organisation on the planet to become more and better than before.

Q: What are your values in your business?

A: Innovation
Diversity and Inclusion
Corporate Social Responsibility

High standard values, good moral standards of professionalism in all that we do. One in specific, the mannerism of speech. The way we speak to each other and what we speak about each other has a great impact on what we become in our lives. It is our utmost responsibility to see to it that we always speak life into each situation because words wear power. First impressions last, therefore the next value is our dress code, the way we look to others. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and therefore it’s of utmost importance to dress up and to look the part.

Q: How do you define success in business?
A: Success in Businesses is not just Financial Freedom; it is the Support you have or receive from your Family and Friends to push you to become better than what you have been before in Live.
Success comes in many forms: Success is reaching out a helping hand to those in need; success is not only to please yourself to receive all the credit but actually to please others and to put other people above yourself. Success is being humble and to promote someone that least expects it. It is to walk a mile further for other people no matter what happens.

Q: Do you believe that entrepreneurs are born or made and why?

A: I believe Entrepreneurs are born, but also an Entrepreneur can be made out of anyone that has a Vision and a Dream. I believe an Entrepreneur is born: because an Entrepreneur is a person that sees things much different than an ordinary worker. Entrepreneurs have an above driving force that not each person has. They already have the vision, the vision to succeed as to become the change in people’s lives but also to go and make a huge difference in their world.

I believe An Entrepreneur can be made: because many times, there is a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, that can not see the potential that is already within them. Then a born Entrepreneur steps in and takes the lead meaning, that Entrepreneur will make himself/herself known to that boy/girl, or man/lady and start the conversation. As to show them their potential within. It is then up to them to make that decision as to follow protocol and make something out of their lives to become a successful Entrepreneur.

Q: What is your favourite thing you like about being an entrepreneur?
A: My favourite thing about being an Entrepreneur is that I have my own freedom in creating beautiful gardens, beautiful flower bouquets, having more time for myself, my family and friends.

Q: What has been your greatest achievement in business?

A: My greatest achievement in Businesses, I would say, is the fact that I am blessed to be a blessing, to put those tears of joy and smiles on the faces of people who least expect anything. That brings me a lot of joyful fulfilment.I achieved it to create my own workspace and to lift my Guesthouse to the next level as well as my other Businesses.

Q: Could you please give us links to your business?

FLOWER LANE GUESTHOUSE: CELL: 073 301 6688; EMAIL: the.flower.lane.guesthouse@gmail.com
The Flower Lane Florist: CELL: 063 694 8750; EMAIL: the.flower.lane.kathu@gmail.com
Flower Lane Café: Cell: 073 301 6688; Email: the.flower.lane.guesthouse@gmail.com
Green Meadows Landscaping (Pty) Ltd.: CELL: 063 694 8750; EMAIL: zk.greenmeadows@gmail.com

Zander J.H. Krüger (this is FLOWER LANE GUESTHOUSE PAGE)
Zander Flowers (The Flower Lane) this is my Florist Page.

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