For a job go to Joburg. For business go to Kathu and Kuruman

I was telling someone the other day that if you want a job, you go to Joburg. If you want to do serious business go to Kathu.

If you are looking for investments in business and have a bit of time on your hands, go to Kathu and Kuruman for a week or two.

Look, learn and listen.

Talk to the people in Kathu and Kuruman. Find out what’s going on.

Go to church and meet the people. I recommend CRC. The people in town know each other. You will meet some lovely people at CRC. It’s a great big awesome community.

Please don’t go to the mall in Kuruman at month end. It is super super packed. So so busy, can be a little overwhelming.

Talk to business people and entrepreneurs and find out what is so special about the Northern Cape.

There are extreme temperatures in Kathu. The summers are very hot and winters very cold. Be prepared. After staying in Kathu for 5 years I strongly believe that I can live anyway on the planet.

My advice is don’t fly to Kathu. Drive there instead. It will be a long drive. If you are driving from Joburg you will need 6 to 7 hours. You will get to appreciate how massive the province is.

End of December is a very quiet time in Kathu. End of March and April are the busiest months of the year. Business generally peaks at Friday month ends. The malls are packed at month end.

Make plans for accommodation in advance. Rent in Kathu is very expensive. If you’ve got a friend there who can host you for a bit that will be amazing.

Kathu was the place I never really liked at first but when you have spent time in Kathu, after a while you realise why many people who have stayed there never want to leave the place.

If you know Tswana and Afrikaans that’s a bonus on Northern Cape. If you don’t take time to learn the basics.

Kea leboga!

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