What is Kathu Biz about

We have been living in Kathu for the past 6 years. We moved here in 2014 and so far so good in Kathu. It is a lovely place but we really took a big chance when we came here. We knew no one at all when we came over. In fact when looking up Kathu, we first came across Kathu in Thailand. Surely that was not the one we wanted.

It crossed my mind today that very few people actually know where Kathu place is. I think every month or two for the past several years I have had to try and explain to someone over the phone where this place is and what kind of business opportunities might be here. Many people have been surprised to learn that Kathu is home to one of the largest iron ore mines in the entire world. Anglo American’s Kumba Iron Ore Mine in Sishen, right here in Kathu.

So I was asking myself. How is it possible that our town is generally not that well known at least in my network? Are we not marketing this town and its opportunities enough? What will it take for people to know more about Kathu.

So why not start a website and start to tell the stories of businesses here in Kathu and share these stories on social media. Get the word out and put businesses in Kathu on the map. So that is really how this website started, out of the frustration of having to explain so many times that we are actually in South Africa, in Northern Cape in the Kalahari.

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